Student Testimonials

NAPA Music Festival not only changed my voice, it changed my life!  The faculty and the fellow attendees provided much needed support while also encouraging me to expand my vocal and acting abilities.  This program gave me so much confidence and altered my idea of what it takes to be a professional singer.  I finally feel like I can call myself an opera singer. Thank you, NAPA Music Festival,  for giving me such a gift.

-  Marissa B., San Luis Obispo CA (Absolute Artist)


What a great experience!   Not only did performing opportunities abound, but the whole experience was rounded out by vocal master classes and sessions with topics on everything from working with composers to audition technique and the challenges of performing while traveling.   At the end of my time at NAPA Music Festival, I felt sad to leave but knew myself to be a better singer, a more experienced performer, and a better connected and informed professional than when I first arrived.
        - Thomas T., Seattle WA (Absolute Artist, Baroque Opera Boot Camp)

Congratulations to you for a wonderful first season of NAPA Music Festival!  My student really had a wonderful experience there working and enjoyed her time with all the teachers and coaches and conductors.  That is a huge success!
                                       - Justina Lee (Principal Coach - Maryland Opera Studio,                                        University of Maryland, College Park; Metropolitan Opera;                                         Seattle Opera; Opera Theatre of St. Louis)



It really was such a joy to participate in NAPA Music Festival. From an incredible lineup of faculty to an extremely talented group of students, the festival provided the perfect environment for growth as musicians, actors, and human beings. What an astounding program in such a beautiful location, most definitely an experience I'll be wanting to repeat next year.

                                                - Danielle B., Everett WA (Baroque Opera Boot Camp)

I was highly impressed by the level of talent among participants. What I was most impressed by is that every single member of the world-class faculty had a sincere interest in the progress of students that went beyond the rehearsal and practice rooms. NAPA Music Festival was a great learning experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone!
                                                - Jonathan C., Chicago IL (Absolute Artist)

My expectations were surpassed a hundred times! The quality and amount of instruction time I received was incredible, and I grew so much as a singer and a person being surrounded by such a welcoming and talented group of people. Working with [faculty] and cultivating great friendships really helped me realize how much I love the process behind singing and performing. I loved every minute of your program and would recommend it to anyone!… Thank you so much for the amazing experience you created; I will keep the memories I made in Napa with me for the rest of my life!
                                                - Christina B., Santa Barbara CA (Teen Intensive)


A shout out to the faculty and students of NAPA Music Festival for being so immensely supportive. What I find most remarkable is that every student without exception tried to build each other up rather than tear each other down. It was a special group that created a special inaugural festival where true art flourished.

- Cherice G., Show Low AZ  (Vocal Intensive)



I cannot say enough how much I valued my time in Napa.  I was able to work with so many brilliantly talented and knowledgeable teachers and students that the short three weeks often felt more productive than a semester's worth of classes.  Because of the connections I made during the program, I was able to plan visits to coach with new teachers and visit new potential grad schools in Chicago and New York, and made new friends who have offered to host me during my visits. It was an invaluable experience, full of great memories and music.

      - Bryan D., Sherman Oaks CA (Absolute Artist)

NAPA Music Festival is a truly unique program.  The faculty are friendly, knowledgeable, and demonstrate an outstanding dedication to their craft.  Everyone was kind, supportive and supremely talented.  The program was a remarkable success and an experience I know I will treasure.

                       - Kathryn L., Claremont CA  (Baroque Opera Boot Camp)

From the beginning sing-in to the festival closing ceremony, our time was filled to the brim with extraordinary master classes and lectures from prominent singers, directors and conductors, classes in dance, stage craft, and combat, as well as rehearsals and coachings; all within a safe and supportive environment catered towards young, aspiring artists….Never have I worked so diligently, with such motivation, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

- Claire McK, San Luis Obispo, CA (Absolute Artist)


Attending NAPA Music Festival this past summer was an amazing experience. I was blown away by the amount of talent not only in the faculty, but also in the young artists who participated. The amount of work and music that was created in just three weeks was unbelievable. The location of the festival was absolutely breathtaking as well. Being able to enjoy the wonderful wine country of Napa Valley and the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills and pastures was wonderful. For anyone looking to attend a summer opera program, I would highly recommend NAPA Music Festival.

- Zachary L. (Absolute Artist)